2007 - 1st Overall - Chris Dillow
The Tour of Cornwall Rally is a charity event in aid of Cornwall Hospice Care

A round of the BTRDA Asphalt Rally Series 2008 and the ASWMC Sealed Surface Rally Championships

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It was year 2007 we witnessed the Tour of Cornwall Rally in all its glory, alive and kicking, but unfortunately for the last time.

The demise came namely as a result of down grading of the event by the powers that be and the repercussions meant competitors were not prepared to travel the distance to Cornwall for a less important event.

Many of us believe this is not the end of the Tour and that with the right incentive, motivation and luck it will rise from the ashes.

However, in the interim period we look to the Tour’s history and what it achieved from its humble beginnings in the 1980’s up to the … shall we say latest event held in April 2007.

The greatest achievement the Tour of Cornwall attributed to was the support it gave to the Cornwall Hospice Care Charity. Many will remember its original name of Mount Edgcumbe Hospice.
The Tour of Cornwall saw the light of day way back in 1987 and over the years has helped to raise over £100,000 for Cornwall Hospice Care.

Close relations were also forged with Cornwall Collage at Camborne, where students played an important roll in the running of the event.

Winners of the event:
1987 Dave Wilkes / Stuart Lacey, Vauxhall Chevette
1988 Andy Sharam / Ade Jeffries, MG Metro 6R4
1989 Sam Nelson / John Blackford, MG Metro 6R4
1990 John Price / Mike Bowen, MG Metro 6R4
1991 Roger Hearn / Chris Jarman, Darrian T9
1992 John Price / Mike Bowen, MG Metro 6R4
1993 John Price / Mike Bowen, MG Metro 6R4
1994 Roger Hearn / Chris Jarman, Darrian T9
1995 Richard Moore / Alun Cook, Subaru Impreza 555
1996 Peter Doughty / Lyn Jenkins, Ford Escort Cosworth
1997 Tony Davies / Jim Kitson, MG Metro 6R4
1998 John Price / Caroline Broad, MG Metro 6R4
1999 Chris Wood / Ken Bills, MG Metro 6R4
2000 Neil Gillard / Roger Gillard, Ford Escort Cosworth
2001 Event cancelled due to FMD
2002 Jon Mercer / Andy Conibear, MG Metro 6R4
2003 David Kynaston / Andy Russell, Audi A3 Quattro
2004 Steve Fleck / Nigel Gardner, Subaru WRC
2005 David Appleby / Mark Milton, Subaru WRC S8
2006 Tony Davies / Patrick Walsh, Subaru WRC
2007 Chris Dillow / Duncan Langford, MG Metro 6R4

A little job in the winter will see more added to this website, images, stories etc. I will be pestering people for information!


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